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What I'm Doing Now Now

Alexander Soto

Last updated on: Tue Mar 12, 2019 @ 08:06pm EST.

Today’s Tasks #

This Week’s Projects #

  • CS5001

  • CS5002

  • Personal

    • TODO Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

      • TODO Write a detailed letter of appeal explaining your extenuating circumstances and plan of action.

      • TODO Compile supporting documentation.

      • TODO Complete an academic plan with your academic advisor

      • TODO Put together all the components of the SAP appeal and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

      • TODO Send email to support group

Monthly Objectives #

  • Write 1 blog post a week

  • Swim at the YMCA 3x a week

Yearly Goals #

  • 80 or above in my ALIGN classes

  • Create, cultivate and practice self-care

  • Create and maintain a learning blog